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LOL funny and loaded with content

John, Tim and Lucy must put loads of time into the research they do for the content which is interesting and informative, and they liven it up with humor and a touch of sci-fi. I listen to every podcast, crack up, and learn something obscure or helpful (or both!).

Funny, nerdy and fresh

One of my favorites, their love of lures is infectious and informative.


Thanks for the laughs! That bathroom skit had me crying!

Great hosts

John and Tim are passionate, thoughtful, and informative. They know their stuff!

Fantastic podcast!

I listened to these guys on the Fish Nerds Podcast and they are fantastic! Their topics are always interesting and they have a great sense of humor.

Love this podcast!

I love that this podcast is ALL lures, ALL the time! John and Tim are funny and the topics they discuss are always interesting. Keep up the great work!